Caro-Kann Defense

The Caro-Kann Defense is known above all for its solidity. The defining move, 1…c6, is the fourth most popular reply to 1.e4 and nearly twice as common as the number five move. It prepares for 2…d5 without blocking in the light-squared bishop, which is considered the main drawback of its cousin the French Defense (1.e4 e6). A standby for positional players at almost every level, the Caro-Kann was a particular favorite of world champion GM Anatoly Karpov.

Caro-Kann Defense
1.e4 c6


How to CRUSH with the Caro-Kann!

Caro-Kann Defense | Advance Variation | Ideas, Plans & Strategies

1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5

Caro-Kann: Advance Variation – GM Ben Finegold

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